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REDD (Amy Louise Aldred)

Redd is a singer/songwriter, dancer, actress and performer. Starting her music career at the age of 9,

Redd went on to do the Xfactor (as Amylouise) and in 2010 Amylouise reached the final 50 before receiving the boot; but this didnt deter her ambitions.

Amylouise continued with her gigs as well creating her new found alias – Redd.

Within less than a year, Redd was picked up by a producer in LA and this was the moment her career path set in stone.

Now working on her debut album which is set to be released early next year and has been anticipated as the next big thing to hit Europe and Asia, it is all systems go.


Donna Walsh


Arron Laws

Arron is the charities longest serving volunteer and helps in many ways, from attending and helping to organise events. To answering the phones or getting people to help raise funds, Arron also loves helping the families that stay at the James Bulger House, we even get Arron to wear JP the mascot!


Dale Roberts

Having worked and studied in Youthwork, Fitness, Public Speaking, Social Media, Engineering and many more jobs – Dale has always been active and busy. If it isn’t homeless outreach it was managing and organising football teams and events for young people in the city.

Over the past year Dale has been helping alongside Kurtis Stacey doing challenges for the trust.

Dale is a writer who also works actively in our citys tourism industry.

Alex Forman

Alex Forman/IWA-Masda Gym

Alex is the CEO of Masda Gyms and owner of the IWA white collar boxing which has camps set up in his home city of Liverpool and also Birmingham and London.