New website launched for James birthday


Denise has been thinking for a while how to commemorate what would have been James’ 24th birthday. We officially launched the charity and caravan on James 21st birthday and to mark this upcoming birthday, we are proud to present to all our supporters, this fantastic new website.

After speaking with various companies in the region with a view to achieving our goals we decided that Anthony O’Brien, who is based at Beneficial Marketing in Smithdown Road Liverpool was the best suited to assist us.

After the first meeting Denise and Stuart left feeling relieved and confident that they had finally found someone that not only wanted to help but had great ideas of their own, drawing upon many years of experience in this field.

Mr Anthony O’Brien explains “I noticed a message on Social Media that Denise and Stuart were looking for a new website to help keep the charity moving in the right direction.  This is something that I really wanted to get involved in as this is a charity that is very close the heart”. After speaking to Denise and Stuart, it was apparent that we would work well together and we instantly began to exchange some great ideas for the new site.  

Getting the site live for James’ birthday was an absolute priority for us, but given the timescales set it was really going to test us.  I must say a huge thank you to our lead designer Les Woods who pulled out all the stops on this project, working tirelessly late into the evening and also of a weekend to make sure we achieved our goal of getting the site live for James’ Birthday.  

I must say it has been an absolute pleasure working with Denise and Stuart, it is a fabulous charity which is making a lot of people happy.