IWA White Collar Boxing


The vast majority of our participants take up White Collar Boxing for the same reasons; to get fit, learn a new sport, build their confidence & support a great cause whilst reaching personal goals. This is not for professionals or experienced boxers, it is for novices who want to get fit and try a new enjoyable experience!

This ultimate boxing experience is aimed at Male and Female beginners and we runs events throughout Europe.

The IWA Boxing is very different from any other experience. If you sign up to take part in one of our boxing events, you will receive 6 weeks of FREE intense training with 3 sessions per week available totalling 18 sessions at a local boxing gym with ex-professional boxers and trainers in your area.

This amazing training schedule is structured to ensure maximum physical fitness and teach you the techniques you will need for your fight, leaving you feeling fantastic after every session. Our coaches also offer extra support through nutritional advice and any extra training you would like to take part in if you so wish.

Boxers are required to create a just giving page, you can find out how to do this by clicking here. Everyone has their own personal reasons for raising money for charity, through the just giving page you have a choice of fantastic causes to raise money for and the participant who raises the most will be presented with a special prize for their efforts. You are also required to sell tickets to the event, all ticket money goes to cover the cost of running the event and putting on the training.


To ensure the safety of all of our participants, we make sure that we strictly adhere to our rules and regulations. Here is a summary of the guidelines we adhere to:

Male & Female can participate
All participants must be aged 18 or over to compete
All boxers train together to ensure fairly matched bouts
All Boxers have a medical check before and after they box.
All contests are fought over 3 rounds of 2 minutes with 1 minute intervals
16oz gloves to be worn approved by IWA Boxing
Full headgear to be worn (This is optional)
Groin protection compulsory for males, optional for females
Scoring is done by the referee on a round by round basis
Three 8 counts in a round or four 8 counts in the whole fight will result in referee stopping contest.
The referee can stop the contest at any stage if in their professional opinion it is deemed necessary
Only the Referee can declare the end of the contest