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Peek-a-Booze Cabaret Bar & Hotel

Craig & Alec Coleman have been together for over 22 years and working in the hospitality trade for most of that time. Upon moving to, and settling in Blackpool Craig & Alec brought their first hotel and never looked back, during this time Craig also resurrected his stage drag Alter ego, Cybil DuVaux and starting fronting a brand new bar/ hotel, which just four years ago they purchased off the original owner and ‘ Cybil DuViax’s Peek-a-Booze’ was born. Since then, the venue has gone from strength to strength.


Craig & Alec have always taken an active role in their local LGBT community and been involved in many fund-raising schemes, including Blackpool pride, cancer research & MacMillan. In fact for the last 2 years, Craig (as Cybil DuVuax) has been an onstage co-host to The James Bulger fundraiser that has been held in Blackpool working alongside charity ambassadors Reece Ryan & Liam Halewood. March 2018, with the relaunch of the refurbished bar area and that start of the new Blackpool summer season Craig & Alec have decided to support The James Bulger trust as their chosen charity.


Craig & Alec have also hosted their own fund raiser and been implemental in helping to organise two fund raisers in Blackpool, the spring show, at their own venue and the winter show which will be held at another major Blackpool hotel in November.

Ellie Shurlock

Ellie is Head of the Sea Lion sanctuary at Knowsley Safari Park, she brings a dynamic approach to the charity and is very hands on and has even taken part in a white collar boxing match for the charity!

Lyn Tyrer

Lyn works alongside her partner Ellie at Knowsley Safari Park and helps with the admin for the charity and also helps with the stage running of some of our events.


Redd (Real name Amylouise Aldred) is a singer/songwriter, dancer, actress and performer. Starting her music career at the age of 9.


Redd went on to do the X-Factor (as Amylouise) and in 2010 Amylouise reached the final 50 before receiving the boot; but this didn’t deter her ambitions.


Amylouise continued with her gigs as well creating her new found alias – Redd.


Within less than a year, Redd was picked up by a producer in L.A. and this was the moment her career path set in stone.


Dale Roberts

Having worked and studied in Youthwork, Fitness, Public Speaking, Social Media, Engineering and many more jobs – Dale has always been active and busy. If it isn’t homeless outreach it was managing and organising football teams and events for young people in the city.


Over the past year Dale has been helping alongside Kurtis Stacey doing challenges for the trust.


Dale is a writer who also works actively in our citys tourism industry.

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