If you just want to start fundraising for The James Bulger Memorial Trust (JBMT), it will help you in understanding who we are and what we do.


JBMT (in memory of James Bulger) provide children and their families who have gone through a bereavement, been a victim of crime, help care for a parent or sibling, been bullied or have done a good deed in their school or community, From this we can offer these families a FREE holiday/Respite at The James Bulger House and soon we will have onsite counselling to help them recover from their experiences.


Now that you know what we do, you can think about your activity/ideas and get started with your fundraising. Contact us for advice in helping with your idea, We will then send you a form to fill in for what you require from us (Collection buckets, T-shirts, Banners etc).


Before you start though, you might want to get a group of friends/businesses together, or even form a fundraising group that could include other people in your community, Parents who share your interest and motivation for doing this, Other family members and even your neighbours! In fact……Fundraising can be a great way of bringing a community together. However you want to do it, The James Bulger Memorial Trust are very grateful for your support!


Please remember to… Have fun and enjoy what you want to do in James’ memory!

Fundraising shouldn’t be hard ,Its all about having an enjoyable time whilst helping us to help others!  It should be a way to bring people together for a good cause. Whatever you raise for JBMT, the funds go to helping children and their families.


Other ways people have helped in the past:


Sell Items on EBay and put a percentage of the sales to our charity.


At a wedding or birthday celebration instead of gifts/vouchers people have donated to the charity. At one wedding they even had a guess how long the best mans speech was!


Set up your own stall at a car boot sale and donate some of your profits to the charity.


Ask your local school to see if they will do a end of term own clothes day and make a donation to the charity.


Infact, when you think about it the list is endless….so what’s your idea going to be?

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